Thursday, January 7, 2010


I just wanted to make that joke. (Oh boy! It's Oberto! Beef jerky.)

- Nate

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh boy!

I'm going to skip the part of my post that apologizes for not having shit done. Just pretend like I did it already. Anyways, I'm working on the Vermillion: complete series DVD and its looking fucking sweet. I've nearly finished making the second disk (season 2). Yeah, you read that right. Two fucking discs. It's gonna be amazing. They'll probably be free too because I feel guilty about making people pay for my genius. If we do sell 'em they'll only be like $5 so ya know, very affordable. So, uh there. I'll make a super descriptive post about the DVD when they are actually completed.
Eat it,

Friday, September 4, 2009

This is actually happening

I talk alot of shit. I know. Scroll down through the past months and you'll find me and Nate talking loads of bollocks. Two movies, a new show, a differant take on our current show, even a mockumentary. These things all have never and will never happen.
However, a new show is coming. like actually happening. It's called "The Winchester", after the name of our house hear in vermillion (and the pub from Shaun of the Dead). Like I mentioned earlier it's a sketch show with a musical act at the end. We begin shooting this monster next week. Man oh man i'm pumped.
Vermillion: the complete series DVD is still in the works. Just don't ask me about it.
Shit yeah

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things and Words

Alright, updates and shit.
The vermillion: complete series DVD had been postponed due to nate computer completely crashing and dying. It's up and running now, so we'll be working on that hopefully within the next few weeks.
I'm moving back to vermillion within the next couple of weeks as well (into a beautiful new house with Nate, Adam (ya know, Mike), and our new Flandreau buddy, Alex.
So with a new house filled with sexy men comes only one thing: a new show. Yup, I've been kicking this bitch of an idea around in my head for a while now and it should be a shit ton of fun. Itll be a collection of shorts hosted by us 4 dudes with a musical act at the end. Think Chappelle's Show except not as funny and with fewer black people. It doesn't have a name yet but itll be gooooood. More on this as it develops.
Nate and some of the boys have been working on a music video for We All Have Hooks For Hands's new album, "the shape of energy" and it looks fucking cool.
I've been in contact with Charles Lubbers, the head of broadcasting for USD's channel KYOT. I've proposed a programing block of shows made up of shorts (cough vermillion cough) and movies made by USD students the ball is moving slowly though. More on THIS as it develops.
SO there you go, a whole bunch of stuff coming your way. Hooray.
I love you.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


God, I'm having trouble creating a cover to our upcoming DVD. I've tried a few designs and they all look like my balls. I also wanted to spruce up this site and try and make it a little friendlier on the eyes. I'm not sure I can/know how. To make things worse I'm contantly distracted by other shit. I keep getting pulled back and forth creatively between the DVD, writing new things, trying to write music, and misc. art shit. I've got all these ideas but none of them are done. Man, this is sounding bitchy. Im done.

But check out this band
Dream City fucking rules.

Frustratedly Yours,

Sunday, May 31, 2009

God Damn. We Are So Famous.

Hello all,
I say 'all' because I think our readers went from 2 to 10 due to Nate, Chris, and I's appearence in this month's 605 Magazine.

We got interviewed, had a photoshoot, and had another photoshoot. All this following an article about us in our school's newspaper, The Volante. It's been a fucking media blitz or a media storm. No, fuck it, it's been a media hurricane. You might be asking "Zach, whats it like being so fucking famous you can't leave your own house for fear you may be smothered to death by hundreds of barely legal (topless?) women?" Well, to answer your question, it's amazing. So, if you want to join in on the 'Vermillion' bandwagon go pick yourself up a copy of 605 Magazine at literally billions of locations across Sioux Falls. (also check it, Chris's name is TOTALLY all over that girls crotch. That's the closest Chris has been to a vagina since he was born! SCORE! BURN!)

What's this? MORE FUCKING NEWS?! yes. So, Vermillion is over. We aren't making more episodes. I'll wait while you cry.

You're asking "But Zach, I love Vermillion it's my only reason for being! Not only that, You never made a Season Two DVD!"
Quit your crying and dry your tears young one! Nate and I are currently working on..... "Vermillion: the complete series"
That's right. The complete Vermillion collection. All 13 episodes. Two Discs. Bonus mother fucking features. I'll go into detail more later but until then here's a teaser/rough copy of one of the menus
Holy Shit.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's March...Dear God...

So it has come to my attention that we haven't produced an episode of "Vermillion" in roughly 4 months...our bad. Although, in our defence, we have what I consider a valid excuse. We wrote and were preparede to shoot our 3rd episode the day before Christmas break. However, due to scheduling conflicts (Nate) we could not. So sadly we did not have a chance to shoot before the long break. When we got back we started shooting the newly written episode. We shot it all in one day. We were so proud of ourselves. Then Nates computer decided it would like to take a large shit on our chest's. So it did. Weeks went by. Suddenly, we found ourselves in fucking February. Shit. Nate struggled (valiantly, I'm sure) to get the episode up for our loyal fans (I'm sure we have a few). Once again his computer was in a clevland steamer kind of mood, and it fucked up the episode once more. Then it dawned upon us that the files were we kept the opening and closing we corrupted and therefore, unusable. After that fiasco Nate and I did some serious problem solving, Shot a brand new opening and I belive that we are now in the clear. So I have left Vermillion for spring break and left Nate with the task of finalizing the next episode (203-Christmas) slapping it up on YouTube. But not only do we have "Christmas" on the way, we have shot a brand new episode "Twister" and it will (God help us) be up sometime over spring break. I know what you're thinking "2 brand new episodes over the course of 5 months? How could anyone manage such a feet?" Well, I've got an answer for you. We are awesome.
You're welcome.